Darn It!! (I forgot “Bully”)


Final, Final Blog(I Promise)

Apr. 29. Saturday, 11:30am. Today is El’s birthday. A good day to start the final blog. We will both be doing this blog. I will start off by saying, “life is much easier on the Pacific Princess”! (Other than the SHOWER!!!). Many people have asked us if we were anxious to get back home. For … Continue reading Final, Final Blog(I Promise)

Bermuda and Heading Home

April 22. Saturday, 7:30am. SURVIVED!!!! We weathered tropical storm Arlene!! What an adventure! Seas are much smoother today. 68 degrees but a little humid. Partly sunny. They say we will dock at Hamilton around 2:00pm. We are planning to take a glass bottom boat tour. We’ll see. Must be back aboard by 6:00. 7:35pm. Beautiful … Continue reading Bermuda and Heading Home