Almost Home

April 24. Monday, 10:00am. Last full day at sea!! After surviving a sandstorm in Dubai, pirate threat off Somalia, Tropical Storm Arlene, we woke up to a bad thunderstorm and a very rough sea. Guess where we are? The Bermuda (Devil’s)Triangle!!! Of course!!! The only thing I WANT to disappear is that sticky shower curtain!!! We had to cancel our last pickle ball session. Wet and too much rolling. Today is an all day packing marathon. Yea!! We dock in Ft. Lauderdale around 7:00 am tomorrow. We are scheduled to disembark at 8:40am. Right now, we are traveling along the edge of the Sargasso Sea. This is the only sea in the world not bordered by any land. It is named for the Sargassum seaweed that abounds here. Four ocean currents swirl here forming a gyre collecting anything floating. The Portuguese, in the 15th century, discovered this area. It is said that many sailing ships of the time became stranded in the gyre mired in seaweed and became “ghost” ships until they rotted away and sank. Legend says there are also whirlpools here. Who knows? Here is something that is true. All North American and European eels travel here to spawn. No, El, we will not be spawning today. I have a headache!!! When the eels grow up they travel back from whence they came. Baby Loggerhead turtles also come here to mature. The Sargassum weed gives them protection from predators. Long dangerous trip for little turtles! Unfortunately, this area today is called the North Atlantic garbage patch. Every type of floating debris ends up here, especially plastics and styrofoam. There are some organizations that are trying to clean it up. Hopefully, they can help.
1:45pm. Beautiful out right now. We did see some Sargassum seaweed float by the ship awhile ago. No eels or turtles, though! We’re still packing! This afternoon we have “High Tea”. Boy, I’m looking forward to that!!! Last dinner with our mates at 5:15. Champagne will be flowing!!! Captain’s farewell party at 7:00 for everyone getting off in Florida. (This ship continues on to LA where it will be refitted for a couple of months). About 400 of us get off tomorrow. Enough others get on for the leg to LA to make it a full ship again. 600+ passengers. After the farewell party, we will attend our last stage show at 7:45. Well, not much left to say. Hope you all had a wonderful trip with us!!! It has been a lot of fun sharing our experiences with all of you. Ellen and I will write one more blog together, later this week, we will reflect on the entire cruise. Stay tuned!!! We’ll see most of you real soon. Signed, Captains John and Ellen