Bermuda and Heading Home

April 22. Saturday, 7:30am. SURVIVED!!!! We weathered tropical storm Arlene!! What an adventure! Seas are much smoother today. 68 degrees but a little humid. Partly sunny. They say we will dock at Hamilton around 2:00pm. We are planning to take a glass bottom boat tour. We’ll see. Must be back aboard by 6:00.
7:35pm. Beautiful day in the 70’s. Bermuda is such a beautiful place. The color of the water was the most vivid of anyplace we have been to, including Bora Bora. All shades of blue and green!! Took the glass bottom boat tour. Coral was not too healthy. Fed a lot of fish with bread but only one species of fish. Foot long and all silver. Rum swizzles were outstanding and just being out for a boat ride (little boat) was nice. It wouldn’t have been anything spectacular UNTIL ……..the Oracle (our America’s Cup catamaran used us as a mark to make a turn. They are practicing for the America’s Cup race coming up soon. It approached us on an angle from the rear, made its turn directly in front of us and passed us going about 40mph, both hulls out of the water, about TEN feet away from us!!! Sails shifting over, crew scrambling across the trampoline, and then cranking like crazy to tighten the sails. OMG!!!!! What a thrill!! Wait till you see the photos. I was cranking out photos as fast as the camera could take them. This supposedly uneventful two hour tour (just like Gilligan’s Minnow) became the second best tour I have taken on the whole trip. #1 is still the dune trip in Dubai. Petra moves to third. WOW!!! Ellen’s still thinking about her top three. Tell you tomorrow. We left Bermuda at 6:30. Next stop, Florida. See you tomorrow.
April 23. Sunday, 1:00pm. Schedule for today: PB at 9:00; brunch with friends at 11:30; choir concert at 2:00; ukulele concert at 3:00; Captain’s Circle cocktail party at 4:30 (free drinks again! Woohoo!!); formal dinner at 5:15; and showtime at 7:30. We haven’t started to pack yet!!! Pack day tomorrow. IT’S ALMOST OVER!!!
This morning our pickle ball players gave us a beautifully framed photo of all the players. They hunted around when we were in Portugal to get it framed. They also gave us a very nice card and clever poem one of the players composed. Pickle ball players all around the world are such nice people. Always so appreciative! It is always so rewarding for us to spread the sport we love to other people. A big thank you, from us, to every pickle ball player we have ever helped learn the game!! Final blog tomorrow. Photos are Oracle and PB players. Signed, Captain AhabIMG_2203.JPGIMG_2151 2.JPG