Rolling Towards Bermuda

April 19. Wednesday, 7:15pm. Hello! Long time no hear? Eh? Not much going on. Quite rough the last two days ( barf bags were out all over the ship) but calmer today. High 60’s during the day. We’re about half way across the Atlantic. Bermuda (our last stop) on Saturday. We have noticed people are getting somewhat cranky. Out table mates are all still good, though. Tighter than ever! We are all planning to keep in touch by mail, maybe visit each other, and maybe a reunion cruise in the near future ( before someone dies!). The youngest person is fifty seven and the oldest is seventy eight.
At this point, I would like to say a few things about Ellen. El has been the butt of many of my funny blogs throughout this cruise. She has always been a good sport about this. ( she just said “you have no right to talk about butts!” ) So, I want to bloglicly thank her. If it was not for her being a fiscal genius, we would not be able to do this, once-in-a lifetime, cruise. We wondered, whether being so close together in such a small room for such a long time, would effect our relationship. Well, it has! For the better, we’re glad to report!!! Great teamwork was the answer. (also great organizational and packing skills by “you-know-who”. It ain’t “moi”!!! See you tomorrow. Good night.
April 20. Thursday, 7:00am. Good morning on the roughest night and morning we’ve had so far. The captain just came on to give us an update on the weather. He had to change course this morning because of the forty knot winds and 12 to 15 foot waves. Hang on, Sloopy, hang on!!! Pretty wild!!! The course change may affect our arrival in Bermuda. We’ll see. When it’s rough like this, everything in our room creaks, shudders, groans, and rattles. Sounds like me getting up in the morning!!!! For the first time, we will have to cancel pickle ball because of safety concerns. Well, off to breakfast.
10:15am. Waves breaking right over the bow! Most all events that involve moving, (line and ballroom dancing; Zumba, ping pong, shuffleboard, fashion show, and golf putting challenge have been cancelled. All outside decks are closed. The pool has been mostly drained. Formal night dining, photo shoots, pre-dinner cocktail party all have been postponed as well. Our balcony is soaked from spray. El is a little woozy. 66 degrees and partly cloudy. This is the latest from the wave-tossed Pacific Princess! See you later. (If we survive!!!!!!)
April 21. 8:45am. IT’S WORSE!! The storm has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Arlene. Last night things in our room crashed to the floor several times. 15 to 20 foot waves! Gusts to 60 mph!! 63 degrees at the moment. Gray and rain squalls. Hamilton arrival delayed to the afternoon and departure from Hamilton at 6:30. Not much time to do much of anything. You should see people attempt to get around the ship when it’s like this. Really tricky!! Probably a lot of sick people in their rooms right now. Almost everything cancelled, like yesterday. Well, I think El and I are about ready to come home. OMG!! They just cancelled the Margarita demo. Damn it!! That does it!!! Now we’re really ready to head on home!! We will spend most of today rockin, rollin, and readin!! Yeah!! Signed, Captain Isaac Hull