Sibenik, Croatia

April. 7. Friday, 4:30pm. Another error!!! I put March instead of April for the Bari stop. Boy, I can’t make the slightest mistake without my students correcting me. Keep it up, Jane! Keep it up!!
Second day of Venice is over. We took a water bus over to St. Marks Square. No problem! Ellen didn’t even come close to falling into the canal. We hung around the square with the thousands of other people milling about. There are literally thousands of stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. in the alleys leading out of the square. No bikes, no cars, no scooters, just wall to wall people. Our tablemate friends and us ate in a quaint, Italian “ristorante” three minutes from the square. “Molto bella”. Hope that’s right. Don’t worry, my Italian friends will correct me! After lunch, we went into St. Mark’s Basilica. What a place that is!!! Huge!! Awesome! We returned to the ship around 3:00. It was pretty cold today on the water. 60’s with a pretty brisk wind. Big jacket weather. Tomorrow we head for our second stop in Croatia, Sibenik. ( pronounced Shibenick) Over and out for today.
April 8. Saturday, 9:00am. We pulled into Sibenik this morning around 7:30. Fifty degrees with a bright sunny day ahead of us. Temp has jumped to 71 degrees with 55% humidity as I write this. I would not be able to give you all these weather reports if it was not for Sally D’s thoughtful gift of a weather station for our room. Thanks Sal! Terrain here reminded us of our lake area in NH. Lots of trees and hills. It was flat calm with yellow, pine pollen on the surface. Just like Winnipesaukee in the Spring. We even saw several swans in some of the inlets on our way in. No excursion for us today. We will just walk into town from the ship on our own. My knees are starting to give me problems. Without sea days, they have no time to recuperate from all the walking each day. Sea day tomorrow. Yea!!!
8:30pm. We walked the Old Town today. Sibenik is the oldest city on the Adriatic Sea. Cobbled streets, narrow lanes, lots of churches. (Before I forget, Croatians are really tall people. Men and women. No wonder basketball recruits players here!!) Beautiful port city. Would visit again. The Kuna is their currency. The Kuna was named for a rodent that was valued for its fur a long time ago. They don’t use fur for their currency today, smart guys!!! Sibenik was the first city in the world to be lighted by electricity. Well, we have a sea day tomorrow heading to Malta. The photo today shows Ellen in St. Mark’s Square (with a bride in the background) practicing saying “obey” to me. She wouldn’t do it!! My loss again!!! See you later. Signed, Captain and TennilleIMG_1695.JPG