Venice, Day #1

April 6. Thursday, 4:15pm. Here we are in Venice, Italy. We took a boat tour today. Cruised around lagoons and canals on our way to the world famous Morano Glass Works located on Morano Island. OMG!! Way, way out of our economic world. Really beautiful pieces. Wonderful, sunny day. Light jacket weather. After the glass blowing demo and tour of the showroom, we headed to St. George island. Visited a huge church built by Benedictine Friars. After that, we went to the famous gondola wharfs for a thirty minute gondola cruise. “When de moon heets your eye lika beeg pizza pie, dat’s amore”!! Ellen ees en love!!! This one event made spending all our money worthwhile, according to my bride. But, let me tell you, she almost didn’t make the gondola cruise. After we exited the glass factory, we had a little time before the boat left so we decided to have a little snack. ( Of course, El had packed snacks). We sat down on a wall along the canal. The space in front of the wall was about three feet with no rail. I noticed El’s pant leg was tucked into her sock. When she reached down to fix it, she lost her balance heading for a very wet fall into the canal. I reached out and barely caught one of her legs and pulled her back. Into my arms, of course. Remember, we’re in Venice!! There was no doubt she would have fallen into the canal. I AM A HERO!!! “SUPERCANALMAN”!!! She owes me BIG!!
Some facts about Venice: 180+islands; 40+bridges;( Rialto Bridge being the most famous) 175+canals, (The Grand Canal being the most famous). Venice’s dead are interned on a special island. There you go!
9:00pm. Tomorrow we will visit St. Marks Square and environs. We will do lunch with our table mates (eight of us )(John and Alice ate there before so they are taking us). Pizza; Calzone, Lasagne, Stromboli, Olive oil, Parmigiana, Risotto, Pesto, Marinara sauce, Alfredo, Prosciutto, Bruschetta, Cacciatore, Antipasto, Marsala, Spaghetti; Ravioli; Vino, lots of Cheeses and a Diet Coke! Yum! Yum! Mangiare! Mangiare!! Here comes ten pounds!! After lunch, they may put me in that cemetery island!! Who cares? We will be going into St. Mark’s Square on our own by water taxi. That should make for some good blog fodder!! Good night! See you tomorrow! Signed, Captain BalboaIMG_1644.JPG