Hvar, Croatia

April 5. Wednesday, 2:30pm. Before I send a blog, El usually proofreads it to catch any mistakes or improper remarks I make.( As If I do that!!) Yesterday I forgot to let her read it and sent it off. Today she read it and found two errors. Trani is spelled with one n, not two and no capital f after Mary C.
Today we visited Hvar (pronounced grrrrhvar), Croatia. We couldn’t pronounce it. It is a rugged, hilly, rocky island but one of our prettiest stops. Medieval flair with narrow streets, forts, walls, little squares, etc. Nice day in low 60’s. Had to be tendered in. Photo shows Pacific Princess in the harbor. The other photo shows El with our cute guide in Bari yesterday. Oops! Both cute!! Here’s a good one! Marco Polo was born on one of these islands. Wow!! That’s big news!!! Hvar is known for its wine, olive oil, and lavender. It was originally called “Pharos” by the Greek colonizers. Pharos means “lighthouse”. We did visit a family run winery. Beautiful, serene, quiet place. The owner served us two kinds of wine, (El bought a bottle, naturally!), homemade bread dipped in olive oil, fresh olives, goat/sheep cheese, Prosciutto, figs, and something called “Grappa” (an extremely powerful wine liqueur). Nice touch on a tour. We then walked through an old city called Stari Grad. Visited a museum, church, and a Dominican monastery. We then went to the fortress high on a hill overlooking the town of Hvar. Fabulous views!! Got back to the ship around 12:30. All in all, a very nice place! Venice tomorrow for two days!! Signed Captain DaGamaHvar Harbor.JPGCuties in Bari.JPG