Bari, Italy

March 4. Tuesday, 3:50pm. Buon giorno, amici. We are in Bari, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. We took a tour of a cathedral in the city of Tranni and a basilica in Bari. The difference between a cathedral and basilica is that the cathedral is under the jurisdiction of a local bishop and the basilica is run by the Vatican. Who knew? Bari is known for its olive production (60 million trees around this city produce 50% of Italy’s extra virgin olive oil), table wines and cherries. The olives are all picked manually by tree shaking. Before I forget, thanks, Mary C. For your story about Chania. It STILL is a charming place. OK, back to Bari. The basilica holds the remains of St. Nicholas. Santa Claus? Don’t know if this is the right St. Nicholas. Oh well!! Bari is a very big city. Big seaport. We are berthed adjacent to the Norman Atlantic Ferry. Or what’s left of her. It’s worth googling. It is said here that in order to grow good olives you need the five S’s. Sun; stones (lime stone in the soil); scarcity of water (dry conditions); silence; and solitude. Cute! We also walked a little bit into the old walled city of Bari. Narrow streets and alleys. Cobblestones and balconies. Just like it was during medieval times. Beautiful!! No Ellen/John incidents today. Just a beautiful sunny day. Temps in the high 60’s/low 70’s. We also had a beautiful, young Italian girl as a guide. Oh my!!! I just used “beautiful” three times. I’m just a “beautiful” kind of guy!! By the way, I received another set of shakers last evening. Two donkeys in a very compromising position!! This is getting out of hand!!! Grazie e arrivederci!!! Signed, Capitano Cristoforo Colombo