Zakynthos, Greece

April 3. Monday, 3:45pm. Pulled into Zakynthos about 7:00AM. Overcast, gray, cold morning. Around 55 degrees with a little wind. Enough for me to say I wasn’t going ashore just to walk around. We had to be tendered in and the walk after that seemed to be about 500 yards to get into town. So I told El she should go and scout the place out and maybe I would go later. Sure, I would!!! Not a chance in h…! She was gone about two hours. When she returned, she said the walk was not bad. Sure!!! She said it wasn’t raining and not too cold. Sure!!! I said, “no way”. She said, “Come on, we’ll have fun”. Sure, we will!!! I said, ”No Ellen! Absolutely not!!” She said, “pleeease”. I began dressing in layers!! We tendered in in pretty rough seas. Took about 15 minutes. About 250 yards down the 500 yard breakwater, it starts to rain and the wind picks up to gale force. I open my umbrella and it immediately turns inside out. Ellen told me, before we left, that we could take a nice dry trolley ride around the town, so she runs ahead of me to hold the trolley (which was in the shape of a little kid’s train) until I fight my way there at a 45 degree angle into the gale. And she does. Well, I finally arrive and we are the only passengers. We sit there waiting for other people to show up. While waiting, the wind and rain picks up to tropical storm force.We see things blowing across the square. Like garbage cans, dogs, and small cars. One of the ticket takers held onto a large shade umbrella so it wouldn’t blow away. She almost did a Mary Poppins!! After fifteen minutes, they cancel the train. Sure, Ellen!! For the next two hours, we had torrential rain, thunder, sharp lightning, and even hail. Sure, Ellen!! We sheltered in a sidewalk cafe’. She had tea, I had a coke, and we shared a croissant. Two Greek men hit on El while we were hunkering down in the cafe’. Man, this is living!! It was like a dream!! Sure, Ellen!! The streets are flooded and we have to get back to the ship by 3:30. We have no choice but to make a dash through the small resevoirs to the tender 500 yards away. Ellen takes off and I dash. Well, maybe not dash. I don’t dash. Not dash. Splash!! By the time we get there, we are the last passengers to get back to the tender. Sure, Ellen!! Within 15 minutes after we get back to the ship, it stops raining and the sun comes out. Sure, Ellen!! All of our clothes, shoes, and packs are drying on our balcony as I write. But the adventure was a success for me because I had a Diet Coke, half a croissant, and I bought a backscratcher. Wow!! Thanks, Ellen for a wonderful day in Zakynthos. The two photos show me, a couple of nights ago, with the MatreD’ who surprised me with the dolphin salt and pepper shakers and the other photo shows the nice day we had in Zakynthos. Sure, Ellen!! Signed, Captain Vitus BeringOscar and Me.JPGEllen in Zakinthos.JPG