Getting Closer to Petra

March 26. Sunday, 11:20am. Hello everybody. Here are the answers to yesterday’s questions. New Orleans was nicknamed the “Paris of America”. The Hippo and Puff Adder kill a lot of people. Hope you were successful with your answers. After pickle ball this morning, we attended a lecture on Islam. A good topic since we’re traveling through all these Islamic countries. Quite interesting but not enough for us to convert. Here are some terms, if you want to look them up. I am not going to give you the answers but you might like to know what they refer to. Here they are: Quran; Allah; Mosque; Mecca; Shia & Sunni; Ramadan; Hajj; Minaret; Muezzin; Kaaba; Jihad; and Mohammed. Good luck!!
12:50pm. Just came back from Sunday-at-Sea brunch. Pirate theme this time. By the way, the Red Sea is big. It’s also rough today. No land to see. Just like the ocean!
It is 79 degrees, sunny and 61%humidity. Another beautiful day on the cruise. I have ukulele at 2:15; Captain’s Circle at 4:00 (more free drinks and hors d’oeuvres. WhooHoo!); Dinner at 5:15; Showtime at 7:30. Exhausted at 9:00. Whew!! Yesterday, I submitted a photo I took of a sunrise in BoraBora into a photo contest here on board. Voting by passengers will take place in the future. The winner gets a free cruise but must give it to anybody he chooses other than his spouse. Dream on!!!! I’m donating it to charity!
March 27. Monday, 10:50am. Today’s weather is getting chillier. Sunny and 73 degrees. It will be Spring in the Mediterranean. I want to take this time to talk a little bit about our table mates. Every evening, in addition to excursions, shows, lunches, breakfasts, pickle ball that we see each other sometimes, we all eat together for a little over an hour. We have John and Alice from Ashland, Mass. They got on in Fl. and are big Patriot fans. We knew we would get along great with them. Then we have Ron and Barbara from San Antonio, Texas. They are a ton of fun! Then we have Ken and Shirley who got off at LA. They were our first pickle ball partners. They were from Canada and Arizona. If you’re, Ken & Shirley, following our blog, we miss you. We’ll connect with you when we get back home. Getting on in LA, replacing K & S, were Ellen and Neil from BC in Canada and Burbank, CA. They fitted right in to our wild and crazy group. All of these wonderful people have made our trip such a fantastic, enjoyable voyage. All of us can’t wait, every day, to get to dinner to talk about our day. So much fun and laughter in addition to serious discussions about subjects that are pertinent to our lives. Sometimes, even about feelings! NO NOT FEELINGS!!!! PLEASE, NOT FEELINGS!!! It really is amazing how we have all bonded. Our biggest problem is that most of us are somewhat deaf. We all have to lean in (we call it “huddling up”) to hear. We are continually saying “what?”, “what did she say?” We all get off in Florida together. We are already planning another cruise together in the future. I know some of their children/family are following this blog, so I want to say how fortunate they are to have such nice, caring parents/relatives. Petra tomorrow. Oh Boy! Captain, John Cabot