Persian Gulf

March 19. Sunday, 6:00am. Today we will port in Dubai around 1:00pm. During the night, we left the Arabian Sea and entered the Gulf of Oman, we’re passing through the Strait of Hormuz right now and about to enter the Persian Gulf. Pretty incredible!! UAE is on our port side and Iran is on our starboard side. Iran used to be called, in ancient times, Persia. Unlike most of the other Middle Eastern countries, they speak Farsi not Arabic.
You’re not going to believe what our excursion will entail today. At about 4:00pm we will leave the ship and board a four wheel drive vehicle for an evening/night safari into the desert to a Bedouin campsite. We will eat a Bedouin feast, watch a show including belly dancers (OH BOY!!!), and ride camels. It better be a STRONG camel if I ride one. Ellen will be looking for a nice, pretty, smallish, kind, understanding female one to ride. She would like to communicate with it somehow. Good luck with that!!! We will return to the ship around 10:00pm. El may want to stay with her camel overnight if the communication goes well. We’ll see! By the way, I wonder if they have toilets in a Bedouin tent? I foresee trouble on the horizon!!! Pack the toilet paper, El!!!
The next day, if El survives her camel encounter and I don’t have a stroke watching the belly dancers, we are looking to ski in the indoor ski slope that is located in the Mall of the Emirates. Are you kidding me!!!! No gondolas here, only chair lifts! Whew!! I will try to stay vertical, if you know what I mean! Signed, Poseidon