Closing in on Dubai

March 17. Friday, 11:20am. Happy St. Pirates (oops! Patrick’s) Day everybody. I’ll start today with the answers to the ship quiz. Detentions for those of you that failed!! 1.Drake, 2.Columbus, 3.Cook, 4.Hudson, 5.Cook, 6.Cabot, 7.Darwin, 8.Magellan. Captain Cook was the first European to see Hawaii. The Endeavour was sunk during our American Revolution off the coast of Rhode Island. How did you all do? Since it’s St. Patricks Day, no detentions for anybody. You all get an A for trying. Today we are crossing the Arabian Sea. As you know from a previous blog, we are staying an extra day in Dubai. Rumor has it, that in order to make our next port after Dubai, we will have to speed up therefore making it more difficult for pirates. Sounds pretty good to Ellen. I think your logic about pirates is spot on, Trent.
In Dubai, which is a city (also one of the seven Emirates) in a country called United Arab Emirates, one does not shake hands or eat with the left hand. Do you know why? The word sheik is seen all over. It is pronounced “shake” not “sheek”. “Whole lotta sheikin going on” and don’t “sheik” hands with anybody in this place!!! I’m really mixed up!!!
7:50pm. Here’s a shout out to Cheryl in Manitoba. We enjoy your in-laws so much. Neil has become a pickle ball phenom. Nice to hear you’re enjoying the blog.
Some other preliminary facts about Dubai: No eating pigs here. Cows OK! I’m getting confused about what to eat in these countries!! No beef there, no pork here. Very confusing!
Here are some new terms. Souk; dhow; emir; dirham; Burj Khalifa; abra. This is your homework assignment tonight. Quiz coming up later. I will send some photos from India separately. Signed, Captain, Blackbeard