About Phuket

March 10, Friday, 7:00pm. We are just leaving Phuket heading towards India. I don’ know where to start with this place. How about a few facts before I tell you about the excursion. The biggest exports are rubber, pineapples, and coconuts. They send long tailed monkeys to school to be taught how to pick coconuts. A lot cheaper than humans who, by the way, used to climb the trees. They have three seasons here; hot, hotter, and hottest. Today, we were in the hotter season. Pushing 100 degrees!! The word Thai means “free”. So Thailand means” free land”. Nice!! This country is third in the world with scooters (motor bikes they call them). Who’s one and two? What did this country used to be called? All males train to be monks around twenty years old. Most don’t become monks, obviously. Novices wear yellow robes and monks wear orange (our guide told us that monks wear no underwear under their robes. He tried to tell us why but we didn’t understand him. I suppose that’s a good thing!) We did see some TukTuks , some Wats, and some people doing Wai when we gave them bhat!!! What? Why? Unannounced quiz time, kiddies!! What are all those words in the previous sentence plus what is the national sport of this country? Answers to come in a later blog.
Now about the excursion. It was a boat ride to some islands. We left at 7:00am and returned at 4:00. We saw caves, giant rock formations, a Muslim fishing village all on stilts, PhiPhi and James Bond Island (where scenes from “Man with the Golden Gun” were shot). To get to the boat took almost two hours riding in a bus. Modern and air conditioned, thank God. TWO hours one way. Our guide was Thai and very hard to understand. Nice, friendly, 35year old. He had trouble with the letter R. He talked for the whole two hours. We learned about lubber plantations, boating up a liver, and maybe seeing a glouper, the King Cobla, he asked how many were from Amelica, and finally about the mangloves we would see on the boatlide. All in all, it was a vely, vely beautiful tlip!! These islands are said to be one of the most beautiful places on earth just like Winnipesaukee! Yea!! Good night, you’all.
Sat. 7:00am. Good morning, Landpeople. Just heading to bleakfast to get my daily dish of plunes and laisin blan.
10:30am. Well we had bleakfast, played pickle ball, listened to a presentation on Cochin, India (our next port of call), (more about Cochin later) AND participated in a full ship pirate drill. We all dressed up in pirate gear and attacked the crew. Three killed and 46 wounded but we did take over the ship. They made me captain!! AAARRRHH!! Well, not exactly like that. Our participation was to go to our cabin, shut the curtains, lock the balcony door, prop open the entrance door, and sit far away from the window(balcony), shiver, shake, and moan softly with fright while the crew did what they do to repel those nasty pirates!! I like my first description better, don’t you? Maybe we’ll be attacked by wild Indians instead of pirates since we’re now crossing their ocean? Who knows!!! Beautiful day. Mid eighties, low humidity and a calm sea. We have had really great weather. Lucky! See you later. Here are some photos of our excursion yesterday. Signed, Admilal NelsonIMG_0845.JPGIMG_0840.JPG