Heading for Thailand

March 9, Thursday, 11:00am. Just returned from a Howard Hughes lecture. He was another aviator that flew around the world. Have you noticed the common theme in all these lectures? All people that circumnavigated the earth like us. So far we’ve had lectures on Magellan, Wiley Post, Emilia Earhart, Howard Hughes, and next time Captain Cook. Very clever of Princess. We did learn that the Spruce Goose ( Hughes’s big plane )was not made of spruce but of birch. I say it then should have been called the Birch Goose. What’s the matter with those people???
Last night we cruised through the Malacca Strait. This strait is one of the busiest places on earth for ships. Also, historically, a den for pirates. Great!! It is a superhighway connecting the Indian Ocean with the Pacific. The ships are in convoys controlled by a controller like at big airports. Quite an operation, to say the least. We will arrive in Phuket, (pronounced “poo-ket”) Thailand (pronounced tie-land) in the morning. One of the places we visit is Phi Phi island (pronounced pee-pee island). Why bother with the letter h?? Seems silly to me! On second thought, how about the s in island? I guess all languages do silly things!! Phi Phi island is famous for its beach called Phi Phi Ley (pronounced pee-pee-lay). Are you kidding me??? I can see this is going to be a fun blog!!!
7:20PM. Tonight was another “Meet the Captain Night”. One every segment. Free cocktails and snacks. Yum! Yum!. I had one Screwdriver, one Rum Punch, two Cherry Champagnes, and one regular Champagne. Whoohoo!! This event is by written invitation only. Before you enter the lounge area, one of the crew collects all the invitations. Three invitations are randomly drawn by the captain and each winner gets a free bottle of champagne. Before I gave our invitation to the crew member, I said to El, “watch this” and I folded the invitation lengthwise in half, reopened it and handed it to the crew member. El says “ no way!” Guess who was chosen first? That’s right, US!! A little trick I learned a long time ago. See you tomorrow after Pee Pee island. Photos go with yesterday’s blog. Signed, Captain, Ted ShermanSingapore orchid.JPGFeeding parrots.JPG