Hong Kong

Mar. 1. Wednesday, 9:00am. We arrived in HK at about 7 this morning. What a sight!! Today, El and I will leave the ship on our own. No destination in mind. Should be interesting.
I would like to tell you a story that happened a couple of days ago. Ellen was coming back to our room for some reason. I think she had just changed an excursion. Something like that. Anyway, when she put her keycard into our door slot the red light showed. Usually the little green light flashes on. She thought this was strange but noticed the door was slightly ajar so she opened it and saw a woman lying on the bed. So Ellen says “John?” And John says “Yes?” And he comes to the door. Unfortunately for Ellen, it was not the “John” she is married to. Well, Ellen does it again!!! She not only has a habit of entering wrong cars in parking lots, but now, wrong rooms on cruise ships. She was two rooms down from our room but, at least, she met another “John”!! How does she do it???? What piece of work!!
4:00pm. We returned with no problems. In fact, I went out twice, El three times. Smog so thick we can hardly see Kowloon across the bay. Very crowded, busy city. Lots of young people. All black hair, of course. Not many my size, either. Very modern. Tons of very expensive, high-end stores. No security, to speak of. We exited the ship and returned using only our ship (room/credit) card. Easiest of any port we’ve been in. Go figure!! We even bought two bottles of wine in a 7Eleven and didn’t have to sneak them aboard.
Mar. 2. Thursday, 4:20pm. No smog today. Great views. Sunny and mid 70s with no humidity. Gorgeous day! We are berthed in Kowloon with Hong Kong across the bay. I thought it was the other way around. My error. Today, we travelled by bus around the island of Hong Kong. No bridges, only tunnels to connect places. We also found out that the incense that was burned (why Hong Kong was named) came from Camphor wood ( very aromatic wood) that was very prevalent in this region. Interesting. We also saw beaches, traveled on very narrow highways(on the wrong side, of course), took an eight minute tram down a steep mountain, rode in a Sampan(water taxi driven by a ninety plus year old woman), went through four tunnels, and toured a high end jewelry factory. Six and a half hours. Long day. Here are some other facts: 1. The only food not imported here is fish. No wonder a hamburger costs over ten bucks. 2.The price for a gallon of gas is eight dollars. They want people to take public transportation to cut down on traffic and pollution. 3.The harbor is full of junks. These are the fishing boats. Hundreds go out early in the morning to fish. 4.There is no legal gambling in Hong Kong except on horse racing and soccer although there are large cruise ships whose only purpose is to take people out every night to gamble. These ships are huge casinos. They leave in the evening and return in the wee hours of the morning. Pretty cool. Eh? We saw one today and it is about the same size as our ship.
Tonight we start our third segment of the cruise. Hong Kong to Dubai. Many passengers debarked and many boarded today. Mostly Aussies got off. We’re anxious to see if the newbies are mostly Chinese. Lots of accents on this cruise. Signed, King Neptune