Between Taiwan and Hong Kong

Feb, 28. 1:30 pm. Gray day today. Chilly on deck. Mid 60s but windy. On our way to Hong Kong tomorrow. Traveling slowly at about 10 knots. Hong Kong only 300 some odd miles from Taiwan. I thought, today, I will give you some interesting facts about food and drink aboard this ship. Remember, there are a little under a thousand human beings on board. With this in mind, there is a waitstaff of around 70; a bar staff around 20; and a galley staff of 82. These people do all the food and drink preparation, waiting, and cleaning. For each cruise segment ( about 18 days of cruising) around 40 tons of food and drink are used. This does not include juices, condiments, hard liquor, and many other incidentals. I will include a photo of some of the amounts of food used for each segment. They wash between 3000 and 4000 plates a day. This is in addition to silverware, glasses, and pots and pans. Mind boggling, isn’t it? And this is a small ship!!
Today was the last lecture by Phil Keith. (Sadly!) He finished by telling his own story. He flew phantom jets in Korea and Vietnam. He saw his best friend die by crashing his jet into a missile installation in Korea. His plane was also hit at the same time and he managed to crash land his plane (without a landing gear or hydraulics and he was also badly wounded) on his aircraft carrier. He woke up three days later on a hospital ship. Quite a man and a wonderful story teller. Certainly a hero in my book!!
I learned that Betelnut is one word. Big deal! On to “Fragrant Harbour” tomorrow. Signed, Captain MagellanFood Supply.JPG