Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Feb. 26, Saturday, 12:50pm. We just got back from our “Brunch at Sea”. Every Sunday when we are at sea, a huge, special brunch is served. Today’s brunch had a Chinese motif. Pretty impressive! This afternoon, we will attend the ship’s choir concert. We will be docking in Taiwan tomorrow morning around 7:00. Did you know Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world? To be a considered a skyscraper, it has to have more than fourteen floors. Hong Kong has 7400 buildings that qualify as skyscrapers. Our berth is right downtown. Excited to see it. The words “Hong Kong” mean “fragrant harbour”. Named for the many incense markets around the harbor. Hong Kong is an island in the harbor. The adjacent mainland city is called Kowloon. We were warned about “expert pickpockets”. Americans beware!! The daily ship’s newsletter is called the Princess Patter. It tells us everything that is happening on the ship that day. Time and place. Also, a few days before we dock at a port, we not only get a live presentation about it, we also receive a brochure about the place including all the excursions one can choose. In the brochure, a few useful words and phrases are listed in the countries’ language. Hello in Chinese is” Ni hao” ( which I was taught by a Chinese pickle ball player in Moultonborough. Xie xie, Tao!!!) Now I have to learn “Where is the bathroom?” and “Help, help! I’m lost!! Please take me back to the ship!!!”
Feb. 27, Monday, 3:25PM. Very rough last night. Roughest it’s been so far. We were like a cork bobbing in a bathtub of champagne. I just made that up!!! The second dance production show at 9:00pm had to be cancelled. Too dangerous for the dancers. All the outside decks were closed off. Pretty hairy!!
Took a tour of Kaohsiung, Taiwan today. Lots of temples in a very large city. We had to carry our own toilet paper. None supplied in public toilets. No sit-down toilets, only squatting over a ceramic trough set into the floor. Lucky I didn’t have to go. I CAN’T SQUAT!!!!!! I tried it years ago in Japan and went all over my pants. I can see Asia is going to be a challenge for me. Good luck!! Funny stories to come, I think. I’ll include a photo of one of these “so called” toilets. We went into one of the pagodas through a dragon’s mouth and exited from a tiger’s mouth. I almost exited through the tiger’s butt but got lost. I’ll send a couple of photos of this, as well. We also toured a stadium that sat 55,000 people. It was used for the 2009 World Games. The interesting part was that the entire stadium was powered be thousands of solar panels in the roof. We also witnessed wake boarding on a small lake. Big deal, you say!! The boarders were pulled around, not by a boat, but by a mechanical, overhead pulley system. There were obstacles just like in skateboard parks or snowboard parks. Ingenious! Time for Happy hour. Signed,
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