At Sea Feb. 22

Feb. 21, Tuesday, 8:45pm. We are going to repeat the ceremony of crossing the equator tomorrow. I can hardly wait!! We are also going to cross the Marianas Trench tomorrow. This is the deepest part of the world’s oceans. It is 1580 miles long and an average width of 43 miles. The deepest part of this trench is known as the Challenger Deep. It is a little over 36,000 feet deep. Imagine that! Saw a very funny comedian/musician tonight. Brought Ellen to tears! I went to my fourth lecture on WW2 this morning. All about the battle of Midway Part 1. Tomorrow Part 2. Really, really informative. Weather right now is 83 degrees and 82% humidity. We also went to the presentation about Guam today. We will dock there on Thursday. Lot of WW2 history there but everyone on this ship will be visiting a huge KMART there. Everyone has to restock all kinds of things. Good night.
Feb. 22, Wednesday, 2;10PM. Rough today but sunny. Our room temp. is always beween 72 and 74 night and day unless we open our balcony door for any length of time. Does anyone know what the “Blue Ghost” is? I’ll tell you later. Weather continues to be in the eighties with moderate humidity. We arrive in Guam tomorrow morning (day 50 of 111 days). Kmart here we come!! The Captain was thrown into the pool this afternoon during a “cross the equator ceremony”. He is young (mid thirties maybe) and a really funny guy. Very respected and loved by both crew and passengers. He has his wife and little girl (maybe 2 years old) on board. Way up on Deck 11 is a shuffleboard court, a golf cage, and an inflatable kiddie pool (for the little girl). Cute!! The Captain’s name is John Paul Bryant from Southamptom, England. Very personable fellow. Just like me!!!! His wife is beautiful just like El. I AM SO SMOOTH!!!! Lucky tonight?
3:50pm. Foggy then sunny then rain then sun then more fog. Weird. Twilight Zone! !!
When we were in Cairns, remember I saw Australian animals. One of them was the Dingo (Australian wild dog)(photo included)Dingo.JPG and another was the Tasmanian devil. It was ugly and hairy. Ran around in circles snarling and grunting. Had an evil, angry disposition. Reminded me very much of my ex-wife. LOL!! We also discovered Ellen had some roots in Australia. I’ve enclosed a photo of one of her Australian cousins. Who knew?
Signed, Admiral Halsey