Towards New Guinea

Feb. 16, Thursday 8:45am. I am sitting here waiting to go meet my tour group at 9:45. Here are your answers to yesterday’s quiz. Kangaroo; emu; golden wattle; opal; meat pie(I gave you quite a hint for this one); didgeridoo; Waltzing Matilda; gold; six stars; boomerang. How did you all do? Cairns is the top resort city in Australia. Beautiful modern city. Loads of dive boats (of course the reef is the number 1 dive location in the world). Temp here right now is 81degrees and 88% humidity. Gonna be a hot one! Got to go apply my insect repellent and sunscreen. Here I come kangaroos and koalas. Chow for now.
Feb. 17, Friday 11:30am. Ellen did her beautiful train ride into the mountainous rainforest. She saw giant fruit bats (I’ve seen some of these hanging around our pool), crocodiles (what are they nicknamed in Australia?) I saw Aborigines throw the boomerang, make noises on the didgeridoo, throw a few spears, and do some dances. I fed kangaroos, saw a dingo, salties, and a Tasmanian Devil (that was not Ellen). Took a duck boat ride through the jungle and had a very good meal at an on site restaurant.
4:30pm. Do you know what the oldest gem is? Hint: the ancient Egyptians used them. The word “duck” in duck boat is really not spelled “duck”. How is it spelled and what do the letters stand for? The production show last evening featured six new dancers and two new singers. We thought they were not as good as our last batch. Beautiful day today. Sunny with a few clouds. Calm seas. Mid 80’s and 50% humidity. Just about perfect!! Big, big day tomorrow. Not telling you what significant event will take place. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.
Feb. 18, Saturday 2:40pm. We are in the Salomon Sea heading for Papua New Guinea tomorrow. Headhunting and cannibal territory. They are going to have to use a HUGE pot for me!!! I’ll probably taste like chicken. El say’s she will taste like an old hen. I think, more like a cute chick. What do you think? Oh boy!! The sea is flat calm. Like a mirror. Temp. is 90degrees and humidity around 50%. Can’t be better! Today is day #45 of 111.

YEA US!!!!!40th Anniversary 2:18:2017.JPGKangaroo feeding.JPGKoala .JPGAborigine.JPG