New Zealand #2

Feb. 8, 7:30am. We have arrived in Auckland. Big city and we are berthed right downtown. We will be going to the aquarium and the sky tower. I believe they have bungi jumping off the tower. Will they have a thick enough bunge for me? I will check it out. Ellen says my life insurance is paid in full — go for it!! I think she’s telling me something! It’s 68 degrees and cloudy right now. They are predicting a high of 72 and possible showers. Shorts or jeans? Jump or no jump? Umbrella or rain jacket? Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! Pressure, pressure, pressure!!! Sometimes life is not a bowl of cherries. Off for now.
3:00pm. We’re back. Wore shorts and it didn’t rain. Aquarium was ok. Very large penguin exhibit. Saw the largest lobsters in the world. Probably 12 pounds but with no claws. Other than these two things, pretty much like every other aquarium. Sharks; tunnel; rays; etc. The Sky Tower was a tower in the sky. What else could it be. More than 1000 ft. up. Able to see far and wide. Walked on glass floor …..ooooo! Dying to bunge jump but it wasn’t open. Wanted to walk down 1267 stairs but Ellen talked me out of it. Leaving at 10pm for Sydney. Three sea days. My cold has never gone completely away. It went from sore throat to cough, then almost gone, then back to cough and now in my head. Sneezing and runny nose. Three weeks so far. Tons of this stuff on the ship. Auckland is a modern large city. Clean with a lot of young people. Impressive! We just found out that each one of us can buy a bottle of wine at each port to bring on board. Ellen is in heaven because wine from Princess is very expensive. Photos are Sky Tower and lobster. Saw a Maori demonstration tonight. Spectacular! Signed, Captain TasmanSky Tower.JPGBig lobster.JPGTower photo.JPG