New Zealand Part 1

Feb 6 Monday 8:30pm (which is really Feb 5th, Sunday for you guys) WHAT A GAME!!! Princess gave us a great Super Bowl party. Three big screens, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and dip, wings, two for one booze, and popcorn. How about that for a party and it couldn’t have ended better. Falcon fans didn’t think so. We sure were pitiful for three quarters though. Today, temp. was around 75 all day with a flat sea. Just like a lake. People saw dolphins, a whale, and some tuna today. Great sunrise and sunset. No clouds all day. Warm wind. Ellen is a happy camper.Tonight at 9:30 we will go stargazing. Ships lights will be extinguished. Huge sky! Show tonight was the Buddy Holly guy again. Great songs and a lot of energy. Tomorrow we anchor at Bay of Islands, New Zealand around 8:00am. El and I will be taking a boat ride to a quaint village. Heavy restrictions about taking foodstuffs off the ship. They will check packs, confiscate illegal items, and fine you 400 dollars. No bananas or PBandJ, Ellen!!!
Feb. 7 5:00pm Back from a great lunch cruise to a small village called Russell. Very quaint. Much like any small seaport along the New England coast. Lots of cafes and art places. Nice. BUT when we got on the boat (it sat about 35 or so) each of us had to stand up, put on a pair of crazy glasses, a sailor’s hat, and introduce ourselves and tell where we were from and a little bit about ourselves. The people before us were very nice(about 10 ahead of us). They said how nice the cruise was and how nice the people were; how many fiends they had made; celebrating their anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Soooo I got up and said I had met this woman( Ellen) on board and we were having an affair. One of the photos, included in this blog, shows Ellen’s reaction to that statement. All in all, it was the best excursion so far. Ellen had fish and I had venison for lunch on board. Ellen also got a haircut in town. She really looks cute. (I’m making up for the “affair” thing) The stargazing last night was somewhat of a bust. Not very well organized. The presenter had no mic so we couldn’t hear well. He also had never done this before so he struggled a bit. We did identify the Southern Cross though. Other photos show the boat we ate lunch on; guess what gender the seagull is; sunrise this morning; Ellen in the stocks( a punishment well deserved); and a photo of some Maori(natives) idols called pou. If you had two of them, would they be called pou pou? Hope you all are enjoying these blogs. I am very much having fun doing them. Signed, Captain Nemo
(I just tried to send this but it wouldn’t go. I think too many photos. I will just send three-stocks; seagull; idols. I will send the others tomorrow)Stocks.JPGYapping gull.JPGPou Idols.JPG