Feb. 5 At Sea

Feb 5 Sunday. 11:00am We have crossed the IDL and we are officially one day ahead of you so we will see the Superbowl one day ahead of you. I’ll let you know the score in a few hours! So if you don’t want to know the score, don’t read this blog. We did pickle ball for only an hour this morning because the presentation about Aukland was at 9:00. Almost had a fight between two male pickle ballers this morning. OMG! El went to a class about obesity today. Guess who’s in trouble ????
2:30 Great lunch today. Sushi and sashimi and New England clam chowder plus papaya cobbler for dessert. I’m in heaven!!! Weather right now is 76deg. and about 79%hum. Sunny and very blue, smooth water. Saw some flying fish yesterday. They are planning a tailgate party tomorrow and showing the game on three screens in the showtime lounge. It seats around 400 or so people so I figure around 30 for the Pats and 370 for the other team. Hope we get out alive! El will wear her Brady shirt and I will wear my Patriot”s hat. If you stop getting blogs, you’ll know they have thrown us overboard. By the way, the cruise director (he is in charge of all activities on this ship) mentioned our sport the other day. He was explaining to a large number of passengers about a new activity being played onboard the Pacific Princess this cruise. He was quite proud of this but, unfortunately, called it PickleBOARD. Clueless!! Well, the game is over and unfortunately the Patriots lost by one point. The score was 1 to nothing. Gotcha!! Bye Bye Signed, Captain Steubing (My learned sister corrected me. It was Captain Wallis not Wallace) Thank you, learned sister! Brat!