After Tahiti

Feb 2, 6:30am. Not much to write about the last couple of days. Heading towards a place called Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Four days away. Somewhat overcast and rain showers yesterday. Looks like same today. Our ukulele instructors are gone and about 20 players have decided to keep meeting twice a week. First time yesterday. Second time today. Went well. Buddy Holly show tonight. We are looking forward to it. Went to a cocktail party with the captain last evening. Free cocktails and hordoevres/whorederves/hoardoves/ I give up–snacks!! The captain and other officers were very interested in my opinion on how to run this boat. Especially when I told them about our new pontoon boat. They said the operation was very similar and if anything happened to the captain, I would be called to duty. Off to breakfast. By the way, speaking of breakfast, part of my regimen each day is a HUGE (that word is for you, Glenn)helping of smoked salmon. Delicious! Unfortunately, I am emitting a fishy odor through my pores. Other people are beginning to notice, in fact, the captain asked another officer if he smelled something fishy. I was standing next to them at the time. I slowly swam away. I don’t care. I’m not giving up my salmon!!! Oh, I’m down four pounds since the beginning of the cruise. I attribute that to salmon eating, exceptional ukulele strumming, and highly competitive pickle balling. Bye
10:20am. Back from pickle ball. Here is a shout-out to all of John and Alice’s (two of our dinner table mates) friends. John is doing great playing pickle ball. Improving every day.
The last captain at the end of my last blog, for those who tried to figure out who he was, was named Samuel Wallace. Good luck.
8:30 pm. Ellen has been going to some enrichment presentations focusing on alternatives to Western medicine with Hollywood film director, Jerri Sher, who has won 2 Emmy’s already and hoping for a third. These documentaries(all true stories) will be coming to TV soon. Princess passengers are getting a preview of these before they hit TV.
We just got back from the Buddy Holly show. Great music. At dinner tonight, we amazed our table mates with the disappearing coin trick. The quarter turned into a salt shaker. They were just astounded!! We have such fun with these people. Wonderful friends.
It was rough and rainy all day. There was going to be a star gazing presentation on deck tonight. They shut off all the ships lights and explain some of the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere. No Big Dipper down here. The Southern Cross is what they use to find South. It will be rescheduled. Did you know that water in toilets(not on ship) swirl in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? How about that for important knowledge? Can you figure out why? Every sea day, a new movie is shown. Today was the latest Ben Hur flic. It was packed. A couple of days before we dock at a port, a presentation is given telling us all about it. Things like money exchange, safety, transportation, excursions, procedure of debarking and embarking the ship, and everything you might want to know about this port. The people who give these talks are experts and are hired to do only this job for the passengers.
Feb. 3 10:30am. 80deg and sunny. 70 % humidity. Perfect. Tonight we cross the International Date Line. We go from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 5th. Poof!! Feb. 4th is gone. Those, on the ship, with birthdays on the 4th-too bad! You lose! If we get the Super Bowl, it will be on the 6th, not the 5th. Weird, huh?? I just returned from the Bay of Islands (that’s the next stop in New Zealand) presentation. We will be using tenders again to go back and forth from the ship. A map of this area looks very much like a map of Winnipesaukee. Lots of islands and bays. We are taking a boat excursion this time not a bus tour. Ellen is at her Jerri Sher lecture now. She is loving it. Had my salmon this morning. I wonder why no one sits with us anymore? Must be something Ellen said. The three photos are El and me, after dinner, on a formal night, Papeete, Tahiti and the ukulele band. Off for now. Captain TasmanUkelele band.JPGPapeete, Tahite.JPGUs.JPG