Bora Bora and Tahiti

Jan 29, 8:30pm. Well, it’s over. My band(HA!!) and the hula women played to a standing ovation. The crowd numbered well into the thousands (I mean hundreds). Everything went smoothly to my astonishment. We actually did sound quite good, at least that’s what most people say. (Polite?, politically correct?) Well, it was fun but no stories. I thought I would have at least a couple of funny things to tell you about.
At pickle ball this morning, security came to talk to us. “Oh, Oh” . People in a suite below our court complained about the noise early in the morning. We apologized and said we would not set up before 7:30 from now on. That seemed to satisfy the security person. We’ll see tomorrow.
We arrive in Bora Bora around 11:00am tomorrow. Everyone is very anxious to see land. Eight days at sea is a long stretch. I will take photos as we approach the island and include some of them in this blog.
We have been cruising for, as I said, eight days. Hundred and hundred of miles. Other than Ellen, there is absolutely no wildlife. No birds, no fish, nothing! No ships or planes either. Strange!
There will also be some photos of my conductor partner and the uku band; a Pacific sunrise; and the Sunday-at-Sea Brunch menu. Eat your hearts out, people!! Off til tomorrow. It’s almost 9:00pm and still 81deg. and humid. Guess I will have to sleep nude tonight. Never!!!
Jan 30. 11:00am. “Holy Bora Bora!!! This is such a beautiful place. Spectacular(oops! Wrong word). Breathtaking colors. Every shade of greens and blues. We will eat on board at 11:30 and then be tendered into shore to board a vehicle called “Le Truck”. Looks like a multicolored, open air school bus. No windows. It will take us on a 22 mile trip around the island with several stops. One of them being a place called “Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and Bar”. World famous. Lots of celebrities. Google it and see what comes up. Temp is 83 with 80% humidity. Bye, off to lunch.
7:40pm. We’re back. “LeTruck” should be called “Le Tank”!! Our backs were hurting and our guts were lowered two inches. Pretty rough roads, to say the least. 90degrees and 85% humidity. It was a HOT, sweaty ride. Beautiful place though. Tomorrow we see Tahiti. There were no native dancing girls here. Not one!! There better be some Tahitian dancers tomorrow or else. The tenders will be going back and forth until 9:00 tonight. We sail at 10 o’clock. The ship was late leaving because it had to wait for El to get back from scaling a peak on Bora Bora. She had to be rescued from the face of a cliff. Not really!!
A bit of trivia. The word “tattoo” originated here in French Polynesia. From the legend of the god, Tahu. I haven’t decided what my design will be, yet. I’ll look at designs in some of the shops in Papeete. Something with a heart and “Mother”, probably. See you tomorrow. Nite, nite!
8:15am. Have arrived in Tahiti. Not very spectacular like Bora Bora was. Just a fairly large seaport, although we are berthed right downtown. Short walk. Lots of cars and traffic. We go on another bus tour today. Big bus and air conditioning. Hooray! Very hot again. We have slathered on our sunscreen lotion and our insect protection. Don’t want to get malaria, typhoid, or dengue fever. No Zika here. By the way, there are no Tahitian dancing girls on the dock this morning. Apparently, I am going to have to be satisfied with our on board hula women.
2:15pm. Nicest tour yet. Island is modern and quite large. Our guide was understandable for a change. Some have such thick accents they are hard to understand. This is a French speaking island. My French is worthless. The Tahitian word for water is “ pape” and the word for basket is “ete”. This was the place natives came to gather fresh water in their baskets. If they used baskets, they must have made a lot of trips. They should have used pails or water bottles instead. LOL! We sail at 6pm for New Zealand. Five sea days. El just returned from a short walk around town. She said that all of the bars and restaurants allow smoking. Not for us. I will send this off shortly. Signed, Captain Wallace (Don’t know who this one is, do you?)Sunrise on the Pacific.JPGUku Conductors.JPGLe Truck.JPGBora 1.JPGBora 2.JPGBora 3.JPGBora 5.JPGBora 4.JPGBloody Marys 2.JPGBora 4.JPGBrunch menu 2.JPGBrunch menu 1.JPG