The Ukulele Day

Jan. 26. 3:00pm. Tomorrow we will have to put a hold on new pickle ball players. We have over a dozen now and new ones coming every day. We have cut the games down to 5 and 7 points and still they take a long time to play out. Ellen and I hardly get to play. Same old problem – too many players (tryers) standing around waiting to play.
In addition to all the things to do I told you about yesterday, add a spa(I will have to get a haircut soon. $35. Ouch!); casino; six bars with live music every night; two high end restaurants; buffet(5:00am to 11:00pm); our main dining room; cabaret lounge(two live shows each night); Pacific lounge(trivia/game shows/dancing every evening); pizzeria; BBQ; Internet cafe; boutiques that sell everything(clothing/liquor/sundries/cameras/jewelry/chocolates/deodorant/medicine/etc.) There is lots to do. Temp today is sunny and 79deg.71%hum. Beautiful. There hasn’t been another ship within a hundred miles of us for the last three days. You don’t want to be on a raft in this part of the Pacific. Stay tuned.
Jan 27. 7:15pm. We crossed the Equator today. We are now cruising in the South Pacific and in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equator is written – 00 00’ 0 NS. (There is supposed to be a little degree symbol after the first two zeros but, I can’t find that symbol on this laptop).The entertainment staff put on a funny, stupid ceremony poolside. We (pollywogs)(who have never crossed before) became “shellbacks”(those who HAVE crossed). We even received certificates stating so. Many pollywogs had to kiss a dead fish to really be a shellback. I chose to kiss Ellen instead. Much better!! I almost said “same thing”, but thought better of it. Smart move on my part, don’t you think?
We are now officially experiencing summer. It’s 78 degrees outside right now. Ocean quite smooth. Hardly any rolling. Off for now.
Jan 28 3:15pm. Smooth seas. 80deg./67%hum. Went to a presentation on Tahiti this morning. Very interesting. Capital is Papeete ( pronounced pa-pay-ay’-tay. Accent on the third syllable). These islands are part of French Polynesia. My pigeon French will be used again. After that presentation, I listened to a power point presentation on the inner workings of this ship.(engines/electrical/waste/plumbing/water production/etc.) They are able to take a complete engine apart here on the ship. Unbelievable!
Well, BIG news. Our Hawaiian ukulele instructors are leaving us in Bora Bora. We will put on a show the night before we land there, I think in three days. By the way, uku means flea in Hawaiian and lele means jump or hop. What do you all think of that for news? Most of the group want to continue meeting but we have no leaders. OMG! What to do???? Guess who volunteered? John and his friend Joe. We are the new conductors of the ukulele band!!! That’s the BIG NEWS!! Good thing I brought two Hawaiian shirts with me. Don Ho eat your heart out! I will be buying Ellen, in Tahiti, a grass skirt and two half coconuts. She has agreed to be our mascot. YEA! This news, I have been told, has travelled throughout the Princess fleet and I and the band will probably be booked on many different Princess ships in the future. We already have gotten several emails checking our availability.
We had a conflict at pickle ball this morning. One player refused to play with or against another player claiming he hit the ball too hard and he was afraid of injury. So we have to make sure they are never on court the same time. Same old – same old! Signing off for now.
7:00 pm. It was announced over the ships PA system that I am now the Pickabukulele Officer on board the Pacific Princess. What a tremendous responsibility! Bring it on!!!
9:55pm. I knew the ukulele dress rehearsal was tomorrow at 11:45am but just found out the REAL DEAL is at 1:15pm also tomorrow. We’re in BIG trouble. In the main showroom for all the passengers to see, no less.
We just returned from a Chinese New Year celebration at the pool. Lots of dancing topped off by a champagne waterfall. We are celebrating “The Year of the Rooster”. After tomorrow’s concert, we will celebrate “ The Year of the Dead, Jumping Flea!!” I’ll let you know how it turns out. Signed, Captain Cook
Jan 29. 5:15am. Oops. Forgot to send this last night. So, here it is.