At sea Jan 25

Jan. 23, 10:30am. Well, the Patriots were awesome. We watched it in our room. Super Bowl is still a question mark whether it will be televised on the ship. We do not get any major networks. Other than movies and Princess info, we get MSNBC International; Fox News; ESPN2; and one channel that only shows soccer or cricket. We got the last two Pats games on ESPN2. We’re hoping they will carry the SuperBowl. By the way, we only got video and crowd noises during last night’s game. No audio. It was great. Great national anthem, though.
The seas are moderately rough today. Still rolling quite a bit. The ship places barf bags at all the stairways and elevators throughout the ship. So thoughtful of them. It is partly sunny; 68deg./67% hum. I will be attending a ukulele class this afternoon. Can you believe it?We may catch a movie later this afternoon. “Blood Father” with Mel Gibson.
2:30pm. Just got back from class. Didn’t go to the movie. 30 people in the class. Some who have never, ever touched a string instrument to some who know how to play. A few can’t even locate their own FINGERS, never mind putting them in the correct places on the strings! There was an old guy reading in the room we were in and he either fell asleep or our music killed him. He was still slumped over when we all left. If we have to put on a concert at the end of our lessons, they better have a supply of body bags ready!!!
Jan. 24, 7:00pm. Can you believe the ocean is about 16,000 ft deep at this location. We crossed the Tropic of Cancer today. Equator – here we come!! Another moderately rough day today. We haven’t played pickle ball since before LA because the ship is rolling too much. Maybe tomorrow. Weather is getting warmer. Mid 70s today. Had my second ukulele class today. My fingers hurt. The old guy fell asleep again. I tried to get El to go to hula class today. No luck! Met the new captain last night. Ellen thinks he is cute. When he says “ABANDON SHIP”, does he have to be cute? Who cares!!
Jan. 25, 12:40pm. Played PBall today. Picked up six new players today. Players is probably the wrong word to use. Tryers would be more accurate. OMG! At least they try.Nice day today. 79deg/67%hum. We travel about 500 miles a day mostly on auto pilot. We know that because we attended a class on how the ship works. For instance, this ship produces 264 tons of fresh water a day. It has its own desalinization system. It also has its own waste water plant. Hope the two don’t meet. Although, I sometime notice our hot water has a brownish tinge to it. Just kidding! On formal nights, around four o’clock, water pressure is a problem and hot/cold water surges. When I was taking a shower yesterday, first I froze my a.., then I scalded my a.., then no water came out, then it sprayed all over. All this was taking place while the shower curtain continually stuck to my a… This shower life is not for me!!! The reason for this problem(not the curtain) is because everyone is getting ready to go to formal dinner and taking showers at the same time.
2:30pm. Just returned from ukulele class. Found out we will be putting on a show along with the hula dancers. Picture a group of seventy old women doing the hula with thirty old ukulele players all strumming off beat, out of tune, playing “Tiny Bubbles”. How do I get out of this!!!! This show will take place in four days.
You may wonder what people do on board during a sea day. I’ll list the “morning” (7am to noon) things without the times, to give you an example. Everyone can choose what they would like to do. For instance: Breakfast;pickleball;pool laps;sunbathing;morning stretch; abs workshop(one of my favorites! Ha!!);bible study(also one of my favorites);yoga class; knitters and knatters(also one of my very favorites);cards/boardgames;latin dance class;Ping Pong;shuffleboard;navigation at sea seminar; gem presentation; beginners hula class; bridge lessons;arts&crafts class; bingo; common interest groups(today we went to an NFL get together. We were the only Pats fans there. Most people NOT rooting for the Patriots but they were cordial after Ellen punched an Atlanta fan in the nose. Just kidding!);photo raffle; fitness seminar; morning trivia(lots of people do this three times a day because prizes are awarded like champagne and water bottles);service club(like Rotary/Lions/etc.)get together; and choir practice. This stuff happens every morning. A lot of people read, some sleep till lunch, and some watch movies on their tvs. Out for now. Signed, Captain. KiddUkulele.JPG