At Sea

Jan 20 9:15am Docked in LA. Pouring rain , 54degrees. Beautiful!! Here are a few facts about our ship and the trip so far. The “Princess” is 592 ft. Long; 84 ft wide; draws 20 ft of water; weighs 30,000 tons; registered out of Hamilton, Bermuda; can hold 670 passengers and 373 crew people; its first sailing was in 2002. So far, we have traveled 5,034 nautical miles; the longest leg was from El Salvador to La Paz, Mexico (1427 nautical miles.) Our average speed is around 17 to 18 knots. Today we will lose some of our officers,(including our captain) some of the crew, and some entertainers. New ones will be coming aboard.
1:30pm The sun is out! Whoopee! The whole day is not a washout. Well, I have to admit, I made an historical error in a previous blog. For those sharp ones who caught it, I spelled Captain Bligh, Bly. A major error for a history teacher. Please forgive me. I will try to be more vigilant in the future.
4:45pm We just returned from touring the battleship IOWA that is berthed about 1/2 mile from our ship. Huge guns. They have preserved it beautifully. Very impressive. My sore knees say it was still worth it!! Many newbies wandering around the Princess today. Many looking bewildered and lost. Knee brace hasn’t arrived yet. At 1:30 the sun was out for about 30 minutes only. It has rained the rest of the day. My mile walk to the IOWA was in the wind and rain, by the way. I am such a tough old bird!! Bring it on!! Tomorrow, we take a trip into the city of Long Beach. Stay tuned.

Jan 21 2:30pm. MY BRACE ARRIVED!!! YEA! We just got back from Long Beach. Walked around, found a CVS, visited the Queen Mary, ( Ellen said she was more important then Queen Mary. Yes Dear), ate lunch in a restaurant called “Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory”. I wanted to eat in “Hooters” but El said “no way”! There was a store nearby called “Restoration Hardware”. I said to El, “if I go in there and buy something to help me restore, can we go to Hooters?” She still said “NO”. I just can’t catch a break. We are hoping the ship carries the Pats game tomorrow.
We sail around 3:00am. Eight sea days. OMG!!! Next stop Bora Bora. Native women???

Jan 22. 10:30am. Left LA at 2:30am. Mostly overcast. 61deg/79%hum. Rough seas. Six ft. swells going one way and white caps going the other. Toughest walking yet. Will meet our new table mates this evening at table #10 although the Patriots game is conflicting with our assigned dinner time, so don’t know what we will be doing.
Let me tell you a little bit more about this ship. If you have ever cruised on a big ship, they always have a large atrium. Usually, four to five stories high. No atrium here. Only a reception desk like in a hotel. The entire ship’s decor is in heavy, dark mahogany wood. Very elegant and old world. We love it. We have talked with several people who cruise a lot, and they say this is their favorite ship. It seems much more intimate then the larger ships. You don’t seem to get lost on this ship as we have on others.
From now on, I will try to include something unusual about each place we visit, like Bora Bora is pronounced Pora Pora since they have no B sound in their vocabulary. LA is the second largest port in the Western Hemisphere (first?) and 40% of all container ships arriving in US comes through here. The sun shines on La Paz 340 days of the year. El Salvador’s main exports are coffee, sugar and balsam. “Survivor” was filmed three times in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. 2010,2011,and 2014. Aruba’s Divi Divi trees always bend to the Southwest because of the trade winds. I have nothing for Colombia. Bad place. Mexico, by the way, has replaced Colombia in the drug trade. We were told that the Cartels of Mexico are stronger then those of Colombia. I thought you should be aware of that. Don’t visit anyway. Now I am all caught up with geographical and historical trivia. The photos today show the Queens; Hoots and Hardware, and the battleship Iowa. Go Pats! See you later. Signed, Admiral PerryIMG_0220.JPGIMG_0223.JPGIMG_0226.JPGIMG_0227.JPGIMG_0224.JPG