Los Angeles

Jan 18 blog. 1:30pm. WHOA!! Big news. Because of bad weather (two deep low depressions), one after another. Very heavy seas and high winds in the Pacific. We will be in LA two days instead of one waiting for good weather. We will then SKIP Honolulu, ( El is very disappointed she can’t climb Diamond Head) PagoPago, and Tonga. Our new ports of call will be the exotic ports of Bora Bora and Tahiti. Whopee! I now have to buy a sarong. Expensive because of 20 yds. of material to make mine. HA! I have heard that all women in these islands go topless. Oh boy!!! Oops, Ellen wants to have one of those talks again….So we won’t be leaving LA until Sunday at 4am. Because of the delay in LA, we will be calling some of our family. Excited to do so. Just found out Yap has been replaced with Guam. Dockage problems. I was so looking forward to hearing all those yapping woman! Catch you later with more details.
Jan 19. 12:00 pm. Gray, cold day. 62Deg. Gray sea and gray sky. Rocking ship. Drunken walking! Some people angry about the change in schedule and some happy to be going to Tahiti. We’ll see. The Head Chef and Maitre’D gave a cooking demo today(hilarious) followed by a galley tour. Amazing! Went to another dance production last evening following our third formal dress night. LA is the end of the first segment of this cruise. We lose about two thirds of our passengers and a new two thirds come aboard. This second segment will end in Sydney. I think there are five segments. One of our table mates walks a minimum of 5K every day. He wants me to join him. What a joke!!! Ellen does walk every day. She has walked with a woman that has climbed most of the western mountains (Rainier, Adams, Hood, and Kilimanjaro in Africa) I walk to the buffet every day, sometimes multiple times. Exhausted!! They are predicting rain all day Friday, our first day in LA. Bad for excursions. Saturday looking better. Passengers are scurrying to get packed, settle their accounts, buy their photographs that were taken by ship photographers (we probably have accumulated two dozen photos already). They are saved in a folder for us until we decide which ones we want to buy at the end of the cruise. Big bucks!
Today was our last day to play pickleball with our first couple who are leaving tomorrow. We gave them one of our balls signed by all the rest of the players. They were delighted. El and I have a new challenge in teaching. Foreign languages. I have been instructing a Canadian from Quebec in French. Oui! Oui! Monsieur! We also have been struggling with a woman from Croatia. The Croatian is leaving( and excited to introduce our sport when she gets home) but the Quebecian is with us forever. Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu!!! E az lernd do score in French, him! Trois, cinq, un. Tony (the French guy) is giving ME instructions on how to get into a gondola!! “Arret, arret!
7:00pm I am going to send this off tonight so you know what is happening tomorrow. The photos are El at the pool; our friends that are leaving tomorrow; and El with the Head Chef and MaitreD.
Au revoir, mes amis. Le capitaine, Jean LaFittePB friends.JPGChef & Maitre D.JPGPool El.JPG