Jan. 11 11:00am. Yesterday, from the ship, we saw a group of Capybara. Were we ever excited. I was trembling all over! Look it up. Today, at sea, heading to Nicaragua tomorrow. Lots of boobies (diving birds) around the ship today. Lots of OLD boobies sunning around our pool as well (not birds). HA!! Sea is calm. 83 degrees/76 humidity. Very pleasant. Ellen did our first wash today. Eight coin operated washers and eight dryers on the ship. Hardly anyone there. $3 a load. A six dollar day. We brought our own soap. El will be getting a spa treatment today after lunch. I wanted one but they didn’t have a table big enough for me. What? She came back even more beautiful. Todays lunch is a Mexican buffet. Ole’!! 3:15pm. La fajita esta muy bien! Tonight is our second formal night. Somehow the captain missed us the last time. I’m sure he will introduce himself this evening, once he hears we’re there. Played crud (I mean crude) pickle ball this morning. Short, narrow court with a saggy net with a ceiling at eight feet. Maybe crud is the RIGHT word. Oh well!! I’ll take a photo of it the next time we play which will be on Saturday. You’ll say OMG.

Jan 12 1:30. Well, we finally met the captain last evening at a formal champagne party. We shook hands and spoke with him well over three hours-oops!-three seconds. He could hardly break away from our stimulating conversation. We just got back from a tour of a town called Rivas, Nicaragua. Bus tour. We saw an old hacienda where we tasted a hand made tortilla and saw a lake with two volcanoes rising from it. Lake Nicaragua. 3100 square miles. Can’t see across. Visited a cathedral and came home. I am about as excited as I was when I saw the Capybaras. We had to be tendered into town from the ship today. Pretty rough but ok. Nobody puked!! We head to El Salvador this afternoon to arrive tomorrow morning. Our excursion tomorrow is visiting a large indian archeological site. Really looking forward to this. It promises to be much better than Capybaras or Boobies!!! I will include photos of some of the ships venues -casino; main dining room; buffet; main stage where we watch shows each night; and a tender. Still struggling with a cold and bad knee. Heading towards Acajulta, El Salvador tomorrow. Dangerous place, we’re told. We have to be aware of kidnappers so get your pocketbooks out! They say I will be OK if I can run faster then Ellen. Guess I’m a goner!! Hope we make it back from the Mayan ruins.

Thursday, Jan. 13, 6:45am. Cold is better. My voice has returned. El says “dammit”. I will be sending this off this morning before we go on our hunt for Mayan bones at twelvish. One of the best foods here is smoked salmon. Always available for breakfast. Let me tell you a bit about the shower. It is 36” by 18”. Picture this body trying to maneuver in that! The curtain is always stuck to my a..! Oh well! Be back tomorrow, if we can escape the kidnappers. Hasta la vista, signed, Captain AmericaOur table formal night.JPGCentral America.gifShip's Tender.JPGBuffet.JPGMain Dining Room.JPG