Panama Canal

Monday Jan 9, 11:30 Big news today!!! We hijacked a pool volleyball net and played a mini pickle ball game this morning. Got kicked off at 9am. We’re not getting much help from the crew so we’re on our own. One end of the net tied to a handrail and the other end tied to a stepladder with a spectator holding the ladder. Pretty crude. Hurt my knee climbing a rock formation two days ago. Left my knee brace in the car at Ft Lauderdale. Dumba..! My sister will mail it to our ship to be picked up in LA. Keeping our fingers crossed. I am hobbling around the ship for the time being. Last night we attended a 50’s/60’s rock and roll show. Our kind of music. Wonderful. Lecture on Panama Canal this morning. Going through tomorrow. Stay tuned. 4:30 pm: When we go online, we do get emails so we know some of you are following the blog and getting the photos. We won’t answer most of the emails because we will use up our wifi minutes. We are paying for a set plan of minutes. So far the ship is very stable in fairly rough seas. 6-7 foot swells. Photographers are always taking pictures of everyone and posting them on large boards in the main atrium. Some are really good. I have picked out my obituary photo and will purchase it at the end of this cruise.HA!!!!! Hope I don’t croak before the cruise finishes. Ellen just yelled,” STOP IT! Don’t talk like that”.
Tuesday, Jan.10. 10:30am. We have been gone one week today and we’re still married. Just went through Gatun locks, the first set of locks in Panama Canal. Took about 2 hours. Raised 88 ft. from the Atlantic. Will cruise now around 2 hrs through Gatun Lake until we hit more locks to let us down to the Pacific. Picked up a sore throat yesterday. Pretty well gone today. 4:30 pm. Just got through the canal. All day process. Very informative. Running commentary over our ship’s PA system. I’ll add some photos. If you want to follow the Pacific Princess(our ship), here is a website you can use: Hope it works! We sail all night; all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Arrive in Nicaragua Thursday morning. Going to dinner now. Be back in a while. Yum..yum! MY DIET HAS GONE TO HELL!!! Eating like a pig. OMG! Got to get control or will weigh 350 lbs. at end of cruise. Good night. Signed, Captain CrunchLocks.JPGLocomotives.JPGShip behind us.JPG