Aruba and Colombia

[Jan 7. 5:27am.] Well, good morning everybody. We have just tied up at Orangestad, Aruba. We will be breakfasting at 7 and heading out for a tour of the island at 8:20. Yesterday was quite rough at sea. 5-7 foot swells and lots of whitecaps. The ship rolled all day. All the passengers were like drunken sailors. No straight line walking all day. Ping pong was a little tricky but we managed. I will have Ellen ready for Senior Ping Pong Olympics by the end of the cruise. Made a little more headway on the pickle ball front. Spoke to the Cruise Director about it. I had frog legs for dinner last night. Nobody else at our table dared. OK but wouldn’t order them again. Can’t get over the variety of food and the presentations. Outstanding. The ship’s dancers and singers put on a dance show last evening. The best we have ever seen. WOW! The photos today show where we eat breakfast and lunch every day; the pool area; and the ping pong area where we would try to set up pickle ball and our room. Each day so far, after breakfast, we hit the pickle ball a little bit(about 30 minutes). No net and short hits. No game. No lines. Just keeping active. Toured Aruba by bus this morning. Got back around 12:30, had lunch aboard. On the tour, we visited a lighthouse; saw a natural bridge and some huge boulders(of which I climbed to the top-surprised the s… out of Ellen). We went by many of the top resorts and beaches and ended the tour with a visit to an ostrich farm. I was allowed to hand feed several of these killer birds. One of which looked very much like someone I know. He ate like him also. Ellen was extremely scared and concerned about my welfare and buried her head in the sand. I barely escaped with my life. Tomorrow we visit Santa Marta in Colombia. Hopefully, I can visit a drug cartel. [Jan 8. 1:11pm] Just got back from touring Santa Marta, Colombia. Whereas Aruba was really flat, Santa Marta is highly mountainous. Whoa Ellen!! No climbing today!!! The area is very third world. Extremely trashy, overcrowded, dusty, and poor. Not want to live or visit here in the future. One of the stops was to visit Simon Bolivar’s home where he died. (Boring, boring). No wonder he died! Ship is docked in an industrial area. Cranes and containers. Very scenic! I’ll include a couple of photos today of my hair raising escape from the killer birds. Tonight we sail for the Panama Canal. We go through on Tuesday. No blogs for a couple of days . Adios, signed, Captain KirkPickleball?.JPGBreakfast:lunch.JPGPool.JPGRoom.JPGOstrich feeding.JPGOstrich.JPG