Jan. 5. It has begun! We boarded Tuesday around noon. Took about 15 minutes from parking lot to our room onboard. Not crowded at all. Only about 650 passengers so everything runs quickly. Room is VERY small. Been cruising two days and nights around 20 mph. Skirted the northern coast of Cuba yesterday. Met our table mates Tuesday evening at dinner. One couple from Mass. World travelers. Been on 27 Princess cruises and several other cruise lines. They know all about Princess things. Handy for us. Another couple from San Antonio and the third couple from Ontario. The Canadian couple plays pickleball and has a daughter that played Div. 1 volleyball on a full scholarship. Small world. Mass. couple are big Patriot fans and say the Super Bowl will be televised onboard. Canadian couple own and run a large dairy operation in Ontario. Went to a dance production plus a funny comedian show last evening.
Much of our first day was finding places to store all our belongings in this room which happens to be the smallest room we’ve ever been in on a cruise. The longest cruise and the smallest room? Go figure! The little woman has done a masterful job hiding all of our junk. Our room steward is Randi (a guy) from the Philippines. The captain has not asked to meet us yet. Expecting his knock any minute. Food is OUTSTANDING. Played a little table tennis yesterday. Still trying to find a big enough area to play a little pickleball. May have found one. Let you’all (Texas couple uses that expression) know later. Aruba tomorrow morning. Happy reading! Signed, Captain AhabPacific Princess.JPG